Fresh Professional Development Ltd.

The Fresh:Unity System


Fresh Development Group Ltd (FDG) was formed 2015 as a holding and management company.  The company acquired a majority shareholding in both Fresh Professional Development Ltd (Fresh) and Online Mentor Ltd (OM). Fresh and OM shared a 65% commonality in their client base.  The aim of the group was to achieve a seamless integration of both companies operations for the benefit of both our clients and the “fresh team”. The benefits of combining our resources enabled us to be more efficient, provide our clients greater value and provide a truly combined professional development service.  FDG was unique in the legal learning sector; we were the only company to provide professional development training and to create our own professional development software.  That unique offering is now provided by Fresh.

The “merger” was an immediate success and by early 2016 we were operating as one organisation.  Whilst we knew we were effectively “one company”, the message was confusing to our clients.  Therefore, we decided to restructure and become one company.

As of 1 January 2019 we are  Fresh Professional Development Ltd.