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The integrated solution


OM:Trainee provides a powerful tool to help trainees create their Training Contract Record.  The application allows trainees to capture their experience tagged against practice areas and both SRA and firm-specific outcomes. OM:Trainee goes beyond SRA compliance and captures a new kind of L&D data which can be used to underpin a suite of customisable data reports around trainee engagement and coverage against core skills both at the individual and departmental level.


OM:Reflect provides a powerful tool for compliance with the Continuing Competence regime. An easy-to-use platform for lawyers to capture their Reflections, identify their Learning & Development Needs and dynamically populate their Development Plans and Development Records, as well as integration with the Annual Declaration reporting cycle, with full visibility via your own management portal.


OM:Paralegal provides a powerful learning and development tool for an increasingly important cohort within a firm’s talent pool. As well as driving ‘on the job’ learning, OM:Paralegal provides an easy platform for capturing ‘time to count’ experience against the SRA’s Standards.


OM:e provides a powerful, affordable and flexible in-house eLearning capability. Subscribe to our courses, publish your own courses or integrate courses from other providers – OM:e lets you do all three as appropriate.


OM:LMS provides a powerful, flexible and affordable Learning Management System to help you capture all forms of learning and development undertaken by your lawyers. We have consciously steered away from the price points offered by other LMS providers – we believe in made-for-purpose but affordable software which caters for those whose budgets continue to be under pressure but who do not want to compromise on good design, ease-of-use and a full suite of functionality.


OM:Halo provides a powerful umbrella for all Online Mentor applications. Choose those applications you need and OM:Halo will handle and configure them for your needs.

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