Practical Ethics

Intended audience:
Scottish Trainees

6 hours

Small group workshop focusing on practical ethical problems in case studies with trainer-led discussions and feedback to delegates

The PEAT2 Outcomes relevant to this course are listed below. In some cases all aspects of the outcome will be covered and in others, only some aspects relevant to the course content.


  • Understanding the interests of justice, democracy and the role of the legal profession in society
  • Deliver effective and competent legal services on behalf of a client/employer/the public (as appropriate)
  • Be trustworthy, act with honesty and integrity at all times and show respect to clients, colleagues and others

Professional communication

  • Develop and maintain professional relationships
  • Communicate effectively with clients
  • Provide legal advice to clients

Professional ethics and standards

  • Understand the role of the Law Society of Scotland generally and the role it and other regulatory bodies have in relation to the profession in Scotland Adhere to the Standards of Conduct and Service for Scottish Solicitors laid down by the Law Society of Scotland from time to time
  • Where relevant to his or her areas of practice, exhibit the professional obligations of a solicitor to the Court
  • Where relevant to his or her areas of practice, resolve a breach of the duty to the Court
  • Treat other solicitors with respect and in a manner consistent with persons who have mutual trust and confidence in each other.
  • Act in the best interest of his or her client
  • Act only on the instructions of the client
  • Adopt strategies to achieve client goals and practise good client care
  • Act competently on behalf of client
  • Act diligently on behalf of client
  • Withdraw from acting if appropriate
  • Evaluate the relationship with clients
  • Deal with conflict situations, both legal and commercial
  • Anticipate conflicts of interest and acts appropriately
  • Resolve a conflict of interest
  • Identify and disclose a personal interest
  • Respect the confidentiality of clients and matters
  • Deal appropriately with situations where there is a conflict between the duty of confidentiality and other professional duties

Business, commercial and financial awareness

  • Understand the regulatory and fiscal frameworks relevant to the work he or she conducts on behalf of a client
  • Understand the key features of partnerships and limited liability partnerships, and alternative business structures

Assumed level of prior knowledge and experience
In terms of knowledge, the relevant PEAT1 outcomes are assumed. It is assumed that you will not have knowledge of practical ethics in the legal working environment.

Training Team

Module Leader
Andrew Dines

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