fresh offers a range of high quality courses, workshops and master classes, designed to meet the diverse needs of a law firm.

Our trainers are experienced and skilled at adapting their delivery to meet the needs of the most eager trainee or the most reticent partner.

We pride ourselves on a truly client focused service, delivering award winning learning and development supported by responsive administration.

“Interesting information was well presented with plenty of opportunity for feedback and participation”
Training Manager, Mills & Reeves LLP
PSC – This is a compulsory programme that all trainees have to undertake. The programme consists of 3 core modules and electives. Trainees need to complete the 3 core modules and 24 hours of electives.

Professional Development Courses – A range of courses for lawyers covering Financial Skills and Risk & Compliance

ePersonal Development Courses – A range of courses for lawyers covering Business Development, Communication and Management Skills

TLP – A new approach for trainee solicitors lacking substantive litigation experience.
PEAT2 – For trainee solicitors in Scotland. All trainees must achieve the PEAT2 outcomes to be admitted as a solicitor.
Business Skills – A range of business development, communication and management skills training.
elearning – we offer a range of elearning programmes for lawyers, trainees and business service team members.
A Trusted, High Quality Approach to Learning and Development Training
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