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New Services

Our clients demand progressive, dynamic training solutions focused on the needs of today and tomorrow. At fresh, we strive to be ahead of that demand.  Our new services address the changing training landscape, focusing on the needs of our clients. At fresh, we continually look to develop solutions that provide tangible benefits for our clients.

Training Courses

Our core offering is training, having built our reputation on the quality and the effectiveness of our courses and trainers. We provide the PSC Core Modules and Electives, the Trainee Litigation Programme (TLP), PEAT2, Personal and Professional Development courses, eLearning courses and a wide range of courses for Business Support Services.

Our Trainers

We are very proud of the quality and strength in depth of our trainers, all of whom consistently score excellent ratings from participants and training management.  Our trainers bring a powerful mix of experience, specialist knowledge and classroom training skills to the courses they teach.

The SRA’s new Continuing Competence regime raises new challenges for solicitors and law firms:

• No CPD hours requirement by the SRA
• Solicitors and firms being fully responsible for identifying what CPD they should be doing to ensure on-going competence to practice
• Evaluation and reflection around individual learning and development needs as a central part of the SRA regime
• A Statement of Solicitor Competence which defines the core competencies expected of all solicitors

In our Continuing Competence Support Suite, we suggest solutions for plugging potential gaps in coverage to help you transition successfully to the new regime.

Key benefits of the fresh Paralegal Development Programme

The core modules enable participants to develop those skills essential to working effectively as a paralegal and which enable them to take on additional responsibilities

The Programme can run continuously with chosen participants joining, participating in and completing the programme at different times. This provides flexibility in terms of administration and ease of access for participants.

The programme offers a focused, ‘joined up’ approach to a paralegal’s learning and development. We recommend that before starting the programme each participant will identify, discuss and agree their programme objectives with their line manager and/or the Firm’s HR / L&D function.

All modules within the programme can be tailored to meet the firm’s specific needs of their paralegals. This can be achieved by incorporating firm-wide and practice area-specific examples within the Core and Advanced Modules.

TLP with a Skills Standards Compliance Certificate

A fresh approach for trainee solicitors lacking substantive litigation experience.

Our unique understanding of the SRA Practice Skills Standards and the threshold standard for ‘Day 1’ competence enables us to provide
clarity and certainty for Training Principals.

* We assess all trainee delegates against the Dispute Resolution and Advocacy Practice Skills Standards at the ‘Day 1’ Standard
* We issue Certificates for each trainee confirming they have been assessed as meeting those Standards

This provides Training Principals with the confirmation and certainty needed to sign-off those trainees against the Skills Standards.

Why Choose Us

  • We understand the unique environment and culture of law firms.
  • We understand the needs, challenges and pressures on both lawyers and the training functions in a law firm.
  • We know that individuals within the firm have specific skills requirements which change at different stages in their careers.
  • We also know that successful law firm management involves a range of key business support functions.
  • We deliver quality and value.
  • We provide training that is relevant and designed and delivered by expert trainers.

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