Online Mentor:TeacherStandards

Web-based portfolio for managing progression against the Teachers’ Standards

OM:TeacherStandards™ gives teachers their own easy to use e-portfolio for building up evidence of progression against the Teachers’ Standards framework in a flexible, portable and evidence-based way.

OM:TeacherStandards™ provides an affordable platform for transparent, robust, evidence-based and outcomes-focused performance reviews and appraisals.



Pegging your training and development against the Teacher Standards

OM:TeacherStandards™ gives trainee teachers control over their evidence of progression against the Teachers Standards and can be configured to dovetail with the review and assessment frameworks of the teacher training provider and/or placement schools.
OM:TeacherStandards™ provides full portability between the training and placement environment, and huge flexibility via our tablet and smartphone App.

How trainee Lauren Wilson used OM:TeacherStandards to support her work on placement and at Nottingham Trent University



Prove your competence against the Teachers’ Standards with OM:TeacherStandards

As a newly-qualified teacher, you will be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards in your NQT year. OM:TeacherStandards™ puts you in control by letting you build your evidence base against each of the Standards within your very own, easy to use portfolio. Available on tablet and smartphone, Online Mentor provides unique flexibility, allowing teachers to capture evidence in ‘real time’ on their iPad or other device as well as on desktop.

Grace Wolstenholme (NQT, Tuxford Academy 2014/15) and her Mentor Jamie Tegerdine (Assistant Principal) on how OM:TeacherStandards helped them during Grace’s NQT year

Samantha Woods (NQT, Tuxford Academy 2014/15) on how she has used OM:TeacherStandards

How the OM:TeacherStandards desktop web app lets NQTs edit their e-portfolio entries



Don’t get caught on the back foot at appraisals and pay reviews – build your case with OM:TeacherStandards

Designed as a solution for all teachers, OM:TeacherStandards™ puts you in control by letting you build your own evidence base against the Standards within your own, simple to use e-portfolio.

OM:TeacherStandards™ lets teachers build their evidence gradually over time so that they’re in a position to demonstrate and justify the next step in pay progression, be it annual pay review or the move onto Upper Pay Scale.

OM:TeacherStandards: an overview of benefits for teachers & schools



Transparent, robust pay reviews. Evidence-based, outcomes-focused appraisals.

To demonstrate their performance against the Teachers’ Standards, teachers and schools will need to approach things in a different way. This will involve looking at a variety of different types of evidence in a different, more focused way.

OM:TeacherStandards™ gives your teachers a simple but powerful tool to build their evidence base against each of the Standards which you can review and use as a platform for transparent discussions at appraisal and other performance review meetings. Used from NQT through to senior teachers at the Upper Pay Scale, OM:TeacherStandards provides a ‘whole school’ solution which is outcomes-focused, evidence-based, transparent and robust.

Dave Vernon, Academy Director at Tuxford Academy, gives his perspective on the benefits of OM:TeacherStandards for teachers and senior leaders


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