fresh offers a range of high quality courses, workshops and master classes, designed to meet the diverse needs of a law firm.

Our trainers are experienced and skilled at adapting their delivery to meet the needs of the most eager trainee or the most reticent partner.

We pride ourselves on a truly client focused service, delivering award winning learning and development supported by responsive administration.

PSC – This is a compulsory programme that all trainees have to undertake. The programme consists of 3 core modules and electives. Trainees need to complete the 3 core modules and 24 hours of electives.
Various courses for solicitors in business development, financial skills, risk and compliance and management skills.
Blended learning consisting of presentations, workshops and individual coaching. Covering skills such as; reflection, communication, handling difficult situations and leadership skills.
A new approach for trainee solicitors lacking substantive litigation experience.
For trainee solicitors in Scotland. All trainees must achieve the PEAT2 outcomes to be admitted as a solicitor.
elearning – we offer a range of elearning programmes for lawyers, trainees and business service team members.
A range of business development, communication and management skills training.